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Mersona by shoyshoy
First week of September there was a mersona week going around, this was my mersona inspired by morays.

I really enjoyed myself, and really loved my design.  I depicted myself as a type of mermaids that are meat eaters and often wear pieces of prey to show their battles. So they wear a lot of bones and teeth and animal skin to show their strength.

Do not repost on other websites, it is already on tumblr here…
Kaida by shoyshoy
Name: Kaida Yamasaki
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 4'3, 71 lbs
Age: 11 yrs ( July 14, 2022)
Wizard Parent: Lan (Thompson) Yamasaki (Deceased)- Lan was a sixth generation Wizard, born in 1941, during the second World War. Her parents met each other in the military, her father (who is apart of the Redstone family) was an officer and her mother, a Chinese translator for the military. Growing up in a bilingual family, Lan grew a love for learning languages. When she was an adult, she and her spirit traveled the globe until she met her husband in Japan, where she had settled down. No matter how far Lan went, she always kept in touch with the Redstone family.


Spirit Information


[First Spirit]

Name: Shin
Element: Earth

Shin is honest and blunt, a stark contrast to the young girl he made a pact with. He has lived a long time, and very wise, but in cosequence it has made him a bit cranky, cynical, and sometimes mean. However, he is very gentle towards Kaida, something that began as the two got to know and open up to each other. He also hits on female spirits frequently.

Spell 1
Tough Skin- Kaida can transform her body to change texture and color to blend in with any kind of earth backdrop she desires (like mud, foliage, stone etc.). This helps her blend in with the surroundings to avoid detection Her skin also takes the properties of some of the tougher materials, creating a defense against attacks. Kaida can only use the spell again once she regains her energy.

Level 1- Kaida is currently limited to only changing her skin, and can keep it up for 30 minutes at most before passing out.
Level 2- Kaida can change her hair and alter the color of her clothing slightly, and can keep it for and hour and a half before feeling exhausted.
Level 3- Kaida can change her clothing as well (however only her skin will take on the properties of the earth), and she can keep it up for 3 hours, and when done feeling slight exhaustion.

Spell 2
Sticky Fingers- Kaida's fingers and toes change to become similar to a gecko's feet, growing the same setae geckos have that allow her to cling and crawl along surfaces. It is not on permantly and can be switched on and off.

Level 1- Must use both her hands and feet to crawl along vertical surfaces. She needs to take off anything that covers her hands and feet.
Level 2- She only needs her hands to crawl and stick to vertical surfaces.
Level 3- She can now also cling to ceilings as long as she uses both hands and feet.

Spell 3
Spiked Back- Kaida's skin turns to rock and creates spike that hurts opponents who are within range

Level 1- The skin changing and spikes are mostly concentrated along her back, and can reach 1 feet in length. She does not have much control yet on where the spikes appear. The spikes are not very durable and can easily break off.
Level 2- She can change up to 1/3rds of her body and can create spikes up to 2 and half feet in length. The rock spikes are more durable now and do not break as easily.
Level 3- Kaida has the best control over the power now. She can change up to 2/3rds of her body, or even keep it concentrated to certain sections of her body. The spikes can reach a maximum of 4 feet and are extremely strong and rarely break under stress.


Personal Information

While Kaida is a sweet young girl, it is hard to get to know her since she is shy, quiet, and a coward. She does not get out much, and instead hides in the areas she knows, and clings to all that is familiar to her. She is easily overwhelmed by crowds and new things. While her adoptive parents, Saffron and Lioh, have slowly introduced her to their family history and world, she has not been immersed in it for long.
She is very caring towards her friends, and those she thinks of as family, and hates conflict of any sort. She will easily get upset when there is conflict among friends, and run from any kind of conflict aimed at her, preferring to hide than face the problem. She is smart, and quickly picks up on teachings and skills, with a ' you must learn quickly to survive' kind of mentality. A bad first impression can leave a big impact on her, as she automatically thinks avoid and she will be safe. For this very reason, she has a fear of dogs (and even spirits that resemble dogs) after a bad incident when she was younger.

Kaida was born in Japan, and lived in the countryside with her parents and grandmother. Lan had noticed that Kaida could see the spirits around them, and excitedly told the Redstone family about Kaida being able to see the spirits. However in 2025, when Kaida was just 3 years old, a large earthquake struck Japan and killed thousands. Her parents were in the city, (commuting from the countryside to their jobs in the city) and were both killed from the earthquake. At that point, since her mother's family history was not kept on file in Japan, Kaida was given over to the care of her father's family. However, none new about Kaida's mother being a wizard, and were unprepared for a young child who seemed to communicate with unseen creatures (as best as a three year old could manage). For 5 years, Kaida was shuffled between different family members, and in and out of orphanages (without the family signing off their parental rights so no shame was brought to the Yamasaki name). When Kaida was 6, the Redstone family had finally tracked her down and sent in Saffron and Lioh to try and claim Kaida. It still took 2 years though for Saffron and Lioh to deal with the government, forge a family tree that showed Saffron being Lan's brother, and negotiating with the Yamasaki family, to finally gain full custody of Kaida when she was 8 years old.

When Saffron and Lioh finally met Kaida, they was introduced to a now quiet, and scared little girl, who was used to strangers, and was expecting to be leaving in only a few months. However, a year had passed and the couple was still with her. They lived in Japan for a year where the wizard and guardian helped Kaida with her English skills, and also taught her about the spirits and their family. During that year she also met Shin, who stuck around their house talking to the little family. When she was 9 they moved to Saffron's home in America, and Shin decided to tag along. During that year, the couple kept teaching Kaida and a little after she had turned 10 Shin asked if she would like to make a pact with him. When she excitedly told her family of her new pact, Saffron happily told her that meant she would be going to Dulcedomum, to learn even more. Though what he thought was happy news was greeted with tears.

Misc Info:
-Extremely afraid of dogs and anything that resembles a dog.
-Saffron sent her to Dulce with a bunch of paper pads and crayon since he noticed how much she doodles at home.
-Hiding and tears are the answer to almost everything.
-Despite having lost her parents, Kaida has little memory of her parents and is not terribly sad about it.
-The bigger the scarier
-Her clothing consists of stuff her size and things that belonged to Saffron and Lioh that are waaaay too big for her.
-Also refused to go and get haircuts from strangers so Saffron gave her haircuts despite being inexperienced (her hair is ridiculously uneven)
-Saffron: [LINK][LINK] Saffron belongs to AllyBebe and is a wizard
-Lioh: [LINK][LINK] Lioh belongs to ShadowsAndLight, she is a guardian and also has vitiligo.

Roleplay Paragraph Sample:

She stood in the doorway to her knew room, her small frame swallowed by an adult's sweatshirt. Her eyes watched Saffron move about in the bedroom, taking things out of her suitcases and putting them away; she knew she should help him but she was unable to take a step forward into the unfamiliar room. Instead she pulled the hood over her head and pulled it as far down it would go, hiding her face from Saffron, squeezing her eyes shut. She could feel Shin shift his position to keep his balance on her shoulder, hidden beneath her messy hair, head resting against her neck. He was going to be the one constant in her life now. And nothing would change that. She had thought that about Saffron too when they moved to America. But she should have known it wouldn't last.

Suddenly her hood was pulled out of her tight fists, and she looked up with watery eyes to see Saffron staring down at her as he put her hood down. "I thought we were a family," she said.

Saffron crouched down til he was eye level with her and squeezed her shoulder gently. "I told you Kaida, this place will keep you safe and help teach you things I cannot."

"Do you promise to come back?"

"I promise."

"Pinky promise," she said, stubbornly, holding out a pinky. When Saffron squeezed her pinky with his own, she rushed forward and hugged him. He hugged her back as well, rubbing her back as she left out a few sniffles. She didn't really want to let go but Shin had other ideas. He angrily bit at Saffron's thumb, shaking multiple little fists at the large man for disturbing him. Saffron stood up, shaking the bitten hand, and took Kaida's hand in his other hand to show her more of the strange world of Dulcedomum.

Reference used ->…
I am not sure why I just stop posting stuff on here, I lost interest in things but the fact is I have been drawing. I posted most of my stuff on my tumblr but I am going to try and bring all that stuff over here during this week.

Some dumps and stand alone pieces.

My fall semester at school was tough, especially with a part time job so it isn't a lot, mostly sketches.  Which is probably another reason I never uploaded here. I feel weird about spamming this account with unfinished sketches. But you can find lots of my sketches on my tumblr.

Sorry, I don't have an account solely for my art but there is a tag you can watch and track on tumblr for that!


They call me Shoylock Holmes
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